Commissioning a portrait of your pet by Christine Merrill is a unique and wonderful experience. In consultation with the artist, you choose a favorite pose, and a special place to have your pet painted, and also choose the size of the canvas, so that it fits exactly where you would like it hung in your home. The artist will do a detailed drawing to show you what the composition of the finished painting will be, and then she will set about the create a unique work of art especially for you.

Working in oil on canvas, in a centuries-old tradition Christine will create a work of art with your pet as its subject matter, a treasured reminder of your special relationship with your dog. Click on the Past Commishion to see example of the preliminary drawing which Christine creates - works of art in themselves which most clients frame - as well as selected commissions which Christine has created over the years.

Animal Portraits Price Guide

This Price Guide is for oil paintings on canvas. The following estimates are based in a single figure with the artist's choice of background.

SizeEstimated Price
14 x 18 inches $10,000. and up
16 x 20 inches $11,000. and up
20 x 24 inches $12,000, and up
30 x 36 inches and over $18,000. and up

Additional figures and detailed backgrounds (ie. Landscapes, furniture, etc.) may alter the price.
If you live in the New York City or Baltimore area, at least one visit by the artists is required. A fee of $150 will be charged for each additional visit, if necessary.
While personal visits with the subject(s) are preferred, clients who do not live locally may choose to have Merrill work from photographs and/or videotapes.
Please call, write for specific quotes and estimated delivery time.
Prices are subject to change.
Christine Merrill's works may be viewed online at our website,

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